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Frequently Asked Questions

Our technician would need to assess the exact plumbing issue you’re facing before providing you with an exact cost estimate. We DO NOT WORK ON COMMISSION.

YES! We can give you a no-charge estimate over the phone. However, we prefer to have one of our certified technicians or plumbers come and assess the situation first for an exact and guaranteed estimate.

Sydney Water Work Group has a phone number available 24 hours a day to attend to emergency plumbing issues.

Quickly turn off the water to the apartment. Clean up the mess and place a call to our company to fix the leaky pipe.

You may notice some signs such as higher water bills, spinning water meter despite turning off all fixtures, puddles in your compound, or the sound of running water when taps are off. Using our leak detector tools, our technicians can determine your pipe state without having to use destructive methods.

Give us call today. We'll take care of your plumbing needs